It breaks my heart every time I see a new sign saying “No Dogs Allowed”. More and more places aren’t allowing dogs on their premises; from parks to hotels. Even places that do allow dogs have signs denoting unacceptable spots for your dog to go to the bathroom.

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Love that could kill or loving our dogs to death


The biggest problems is 60-80% of American dogs are too fat. Many dog owners leave food available for the dog 24/7. Supposedly they do this because they want their finicky eaters to eat whenever their dog wants to. This actually creates “picky” eaters because the dogs can “pick” at the food all day long. It can create fat dogs too since some dogs will just eat because they can (not unlike some people). In my world overfeeding a dog has a big impact on training because food probably is not rewarding enough to the dog to be used as a treat.

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